M a r l i e s H o e v e r s

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Marlies Hoevers was born in the Netherlands and got her bachelor of design at the Royal Academy of Art in 2006. She started her career as a certified interior architect with Merkx+Girod Architects, a leading architecture studio in The Netherlands, based in Amsterdam. It was during that time Marlies developed a strong fascination for materials, their appearance and their emotional effects on people.

After moving to Santa Cruz, California, Marlies started her new art studio and began to experiment with materials like concrete, cement, textile, saw dust and cardboard. Within this process she got so excited about all the outcomes of materials blending together and their surprising aspects, that the only thing she could do is to experiment more. She is fascinated by the hidden beauty of ordinary materials such as cement and concrete; the perfect concrete in her artwork does not have the  smooth and even grey appearance, but the combination of smooth, cracked, spotted, and darkened concrete with scratches and uneven textures. By adding delicate materials like thread and saw dust, the concrete gets a more fragile appearance.  Every art piece is like an abstract photograph of her life. Her emotions about choices, moving away from home, moving back home, having children and other things that go on in her life are all captured within the souls of the materials.

Over the last few years, her art has been in the MAH museum, SC Art League and several galleries in Santa Cruz. She was included in the 2011, 2012 and 2013 Exhibit & Auction for the San Jose Institute of Contemporary art and the 2011 Art Party in San José. She is featured  in the American Art Collector 2014 and is currently represented by Gallery Lulo in Healdsburg CA and Exhibit by Aberson, Tulsa Oklahoma.